From: Susan and Jack Cooper


Yasher Koach!!!  It was a wonderful program yesterday. 

I can't help but wonder why the United Nations hasn't begun a Holocaust
Memorial Day a long, long, time ago.  But it is good that they did so

We came away with the same warm-and-fuzzy feeling that we did at the
Frisco event when people of many faiths come together in good will.  It
is a taste of Ha-Olam Ha-Bah! 

Thanks so much for yours and Denise's part in it!

Shabbat Shalom,
Susan -- and Jack, too!

*** For our Non-Jewish Friends, the Phrase Yasher Koach, Literally it means "may you remain" strong or something like that.  The first two paragraphs of this website explain more:  http://www.ucalgary.ca/~elsegal/Shokel/950615_Yasher_Koah.html

From Bernie Mayoff

Thank you, Mike Ghouse, for initiating this event, for putting
together an excellent and very successful program, for being so
willing to accept suggestions, and for being so courageous and taking
a risk in bringing together such a diverse audience.  For those that
weren't there, the main speaker that evening is a Holocaust Survivor
and Schindler's list member.  She told her history from when she was a
young child, to being forced into the Krakow ghetto at age 16, and her
experiences and her husband's and the miracles that led to their
survival.  After the program she told me that, of the hundreds and
hundreds of presentations she has made over the last 18 years, she
thought this presentation to this audience turned out to be perhaps
the most important one. 

All of the speakers were excellent. The readings from the various
liturgies were well chosen, to the point, and abundantly clear.  The
poetry readings were timely and appropriate, and the Imam's comments
were excellent!

In these days of renewed tension and hatred in Iran and elsewhere, the
comments from the floor about what nonsense it is to deny the
Holocaust or to forget its lessons, and your comments about what it
really means to be a Muslim were greatly appreciated by everyone there.

The feedback that I heard was unanimously positive.

Another Holocaust survivor, Nobel Laureate Elie Weisel, has said:
"My good friends we never try to tell the tale to make people weep.
It is too easy. We did not want pity.  If we decided to tell the tale
- it is because we wanted the world to be a better world ."

We would say, Mike, you have performed a great mitzvah (a blessing, a
commandment, a good deed).  Yasher koach Mike (may you remain strong
and your strength be renewed).



From Arshad Nizam

Assalaam-Alaikum Mike,

It was nice meeting with you again at Holocaust remembrance program. I have also attended Unity Day in Frisco, which was also very well organized. I was very impressed with yesterday's program lineup. I got Goosebumps listening to Rosalie Schiff narration. I am sure it touched the hearts of everyone there. The things that you have started to bring communities together is going to go a long way for the generations to come. May Allah bless you. If I can assist you in anyway please let me know, you can always reach me on my cell xxx xxx xxxx

Warm regards,

Arshad J. Nizam

From Dr. Maura Sheehan

This was an event that I shall always remember & reflect upon. The honourable Rosalie Schiff (Holocaust Survivor) reflections brought me to tears & inspired me to continue my human rights work, especially in relation to raising awareness about the ongoing genocide in Darfour, Sudan where there is talk, but no real action - & acts similar to what Mrs Schiff experienced - are going on right now & must be stopped.


The fact that Mr Schiff spent time in Buchenwald was especially powerful, as I had just taken a group of MBA students from the University of Dallas to this camp, as part of a Study Tour, just this December & I also had them read Elie Weisel's book prior to the visit.


The fact that both of the Schiffs survived is a testament to the inner strength of the human spirit.
Mike Ghouse did a tremendous job organising this event. I am sure it was not easy to bring such a myriad of people together & I was concerned, given the outcome of the elections in Palestine, on the day of the event, that this could result in some of the participants pulling out; but thankfully Mike's participants kept their commitments.
Events like this & indeed organisations like the Foundation for Pluralism will hopefully ensure that "never again" will indeed come to fruition (again, I do remind people that this is under threat in Sudan at this very moment).
Thank you Mike, all of the participants, organisers, volunteers & Fun Asia.

Dr Maura Sheehan (UNA Dallas) &

Associate Professor
Graduate School of Management
University of Dallas
1845 E Northgate Dr
Irving, TX, 75062


From Rev. Marylou Ghyst

Thanks again, Mike, for organizing the excellent program on the Holocaust.  There were four people from our church who attended, and others who wanted to come but had other commitments.  Those who could not attend were very impressed with the written program which I gave them.  For Muslims to show their support of Jews is very needed.  You are a blessing to the community and we, at Unity of Sachse, are most grateful for all you do for the community.


Rev. Marylou Ghyst
Unity Church of Sachse TX

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