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A tribute to Hon. Martin Luther King

& Rosa Parks

 Hon. Mayor, Becky Miller, City of Carrollton  Speaker Ester Davis of Ester Davis Show Rev. Perry Crenshaw, Pastor of Warren United Methodist Church, Dallas. Cheryl Smith, Editor, Dallas Weekly Newspaper

First and foremost, we would like to honor two guiding lights of the Civil Rights movement in America, Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ms. Rosa Parks - who taught us to view one another, not through a lens of color, but of character … and most of all, through a lens of Love.

Mike,  "if it was not for Rosa Parks, and if it were not for Martin Luther King Jr. none of the immigrants would have made it to America, I am here today because of them and I owe my gratitude to them".

It was their effort that lifted a huge burden from American psyche and freed every one's conscience in America. Our open minds and open heart are the reason for our relative joy and peace. We need to do more and welcome and encourage individuals regardless of their affiliation. It is because of that attitude America is where it is today.

  • Tribute by: Julie Ann Turner, Anne Marie Weiss & Mike Ghouse

  • Recipients: Cheryl Smith, Editor of Dallas Weekly, Rev. Perry Crenshaw, pastor of Warren United Methodist Church and Ester Davis of Ester Davis show on PAX Television.

  • Honored by : Hon. Becky Miller, Mayor of Carrollton

L-R: Ester Davis of Ester Davis TV Show, Julie Ann Turner of Orbits of Influence, Mike Ghouse of Foundation for Pluralism, Anne Marie Weiss of DFW International Alliance,  Cheryl Smith of Dallas Weekly newspaper, Rev. Perry Crenshaw of Warren United Methodist Church.

Anne Marie: 
Founder of DFW International Community Alliance, network of all our ethnic
peoples and organizations Peacemaker of the Year 2003.....    I must add Einstein’s words here “ peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding”…

She is author of many a great books, including Middle Eastern cooking, a  commentator on Good morning America, PBS, CBS 11, NBC 5, KNON radio and has been on my radio show several times.

She is one of the best promoters of cultural diversity..

Reverend Perry N. Crenshaw

is a native of Fort Worth, Texas and currently resides in Cedar Hill, Texas.  He has been the Sr. Pastor of Warren United Methodist Church for the past seven years.   

Currently, Pastor Crenshaw is an Ordained Elder in the North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church.  He also serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the African American Pastors Coalition, and is a featured contributor in the anthology of sermons entitled, “Solutions:  Sermonic Answers to Life’s Situations”.

Pastor Crenshaw has a passion for serving God and His people.

Cheryl Smith  is an editor of Dallas weekly newspaper, a very popular news paper… 

Ester Davis  is a shining example of a person who knows how to make the difference, she is a speaker, and host of Ester Davis TV show….

Cheryl Smith Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks

Mike and Julie read the Plaque, and presented it to Pastor Perry Crenshaw, Cheryl Smith and Ester Davis.

Najma Ghouse, MC Julie Ann Turner, MC Mike Ghouse, MC

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