March 2007 Festivals

If we are committed to a peaceful world, we have to take time to learn about each other, here is an opportunity for you to call on the people you know and wish them the very best for the holidays. With a few exceptions, including the Jewish and Muslim new year, you can pretty much wish the holidays to any one. Always learn about it. If your event is missing here, it is simply because we are not aware of it, please share with us, we will be happy to include your logo as well as the information about your festival.

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March 3, Magha Puja Day


Celebration of the presentation of teachings by Lord Buddha.
Link: About Magha Puja Day
March 4, Purim



Celebrates the rescue of Jews in ancient Persia. Begins at sundown the previous day.
Essay: Purim's Message of Unity
Quiz: How Much Do You Know?
March 4 Holi


"Festival of Color"; Northern Indian celebration marking the beginning of spring with a deluge of color. Various social classes are encouraged to interact with one another. Begins with the full moon.
Essay: Canadian Hindus Celebrate Holi
Explore: A Day of Play: Children Celebrate Holi
eCards: Send a Holi Greeting
March 17 St. Patrick's Day

Celebration of St. Patrick, who is said to have brought Christianity to Ireland.
Explore: What We Know About St. Patrick
eCards: Send a St. Patrick's Day Greeting
March 21 Spring Equinox/Ostara


For Pagans, a time to welcome spring, new birth and new life, and the goddess-as-maiden. Heathens celebrate the end of winter, the arrival of spring, and the Goddess Ostara.
Explore: The Eostar Bunny
Link: About Ostara
eCards: Send an Ostara Greeting
March 21 Nouroz


"The New Day"; New Year celebration regarded as the most important day of the year. Customs include wearing new clothes, giving gifts, and settling disputes.
Links: Zoroastrian Festivals
March 21 Nau-Roz Bahai Observance of the vernal equinox symbolizing spiritual growth and renewal.
Link: About Nau-Roz
March 26 Khordad Sal


Birthday of the prophet Zarathustra; celebrated the sixth day of the Parsi month.
Link: About Khordad Sal
March 31 Milaad


Islamic commemoration of the birth and death of Prophet Muhammad.
Links: Milad un Nabi: Birthday of the Prophet, About Eid-E-Miladulnabi

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