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10:24 AM CST on Sunday, January 22, 2006
Muslim on the Holocaust

Re: "The new deniers Muslim leaders are calling the Holocaust a Western myth, says Lee Harris, and it's catching on," Jan. 15 Points.

The utterances of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Mohammed Mahdi Akef, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest opposition party in Egypt, perhaps do not reflect even their own constituents, let alone Muslims. Muslims do not subscribe to such nonsense, for it is the duty of a Muslim to stand up for a just world.

I grew up in a Muslim family and read about the Holocaust. My devout Muslim mother took away the book, telling me to read when I can understand the suffering.

Thanks to her, I am one of the volunteers in organizing Holocaust Memorial Day on Jan. 26. To save a life is saving the whole of humanity. Holy Torah and Holy Quran say it, and Hinduism talks about the whole world as one family. All faiths teach the same goodness. I recently visited the Holocaust Museum and would urge every disbeliever to visit and understand it.

My mom would be pleased to know I am doing what it takes to be a "good Muslim," to respect every life God created.

Mike Ghouse, Carrollton

Many of the comments did not make it to the paper....although they should have been, I am posting a few


No fair minded Muslim can or will or should support the hateful remarks spewing out of Iran's leader.  It is this type of rhetoric that can ultimately cause massive sufferings and pain in humans around the world.  To deny the genocide of Jews by Hitler is vicious, hateful, wrong, and irresponsible.  This kind of hate should be condemned and stopped.  The world is better off without it.
-zulfi ahmed


Your piece "Muslim leaders are calling the Holocaust a Western myth" is a rather grotesque generalization, taking words from a rather eccentric conservative cleric leader to apply them to a broad swath of intelligent and reflective Muslims across the  globe.  This were as if I were to take the recent words of the Pat Robertson about Sharon  and apply them to all Christian leaders. I am sure you would have something to say about that.  Same holds for your generalization Mr. Harris.  You may have to eat crow just as did Mr. Robertson - bon appetite !