Dallas, Texas. The Foundation for Pluralism has taken the initiative to showcase all the religious communities, one at a time. The idea is to bring people of different faiths together, and have the other faith groups join them in sharing the commonalities and expanding the comfort zone of each group. “The event is a tribute to those who have reached out and expressed commonalities. Indeed, it is a tribute to those who think beyond the box.” Says Mike Ghouse, President of the Foundation for Pluralism.

The kick off event begins with "Shanti- Shanti" the only Sanskrit rock band in America.




7:00 PM ON FRIDAY, JUNE 17TH, 2005

PROGRAM (2:45 Hrs)

  • Devotional Songs

  • Introduce Hindu Community

  • Hindu American Foundation

  • Fashion Show by Monica Sharma

  • Shanti-Shanti - Main Event

  • Foundation for Pluralism

Presented by:

  • Foundation for Pluralism

  • Diya Magazine.

The program opens with a traditional lighting of the Diya (Lamp), a symbolic  gesture expressing the prayers from the sacred Hindu text Bhagvad Gita “O Lord, lead us from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge”. And carried forward by invoking Lord Ganesha, an iconic attribute of God that removes the obstacles and paves the way for success. Three Bhajans (devotional songs) of Krishn (Lord Krishna), Ram (Lord Ram) and a generic song that has been popular for over 4 decades has been selected to formally initiate the program.

An introduction of Dallas/ Fort Worth Hindu community will be followed by a power point presentation. Years ago, Mike Ghouse had produced and broadcasted a radio show on Dallas Indians and a chunk of it was about Dallas Hindus'. That includes Hindus from all over the world in addition to India. “We hope each representative of the 7 temples will speak for a few minutes to appraise about his/her temple.” Hopes Mr. Ghouse, who has dedicated his life promoting goodwill and understanding between peoples of different affiliations.

L-R: Srinivasan President of  Satya Saibaba Temple in Plano, Monica Sharma of Diya Magazine, Vijayshree Venkatraman of Sai Satsang,  Dr. Patel Vice President of SwamiNarayan Temple, Manoj Parikh President of DFW Hindu Temple Society, Swami Nityananda Prabhu President of Hare Krishna Temple and  Dr. Mihir Meghani President of Hindu American Foundation.

Mihir Meghani, President of Hindu American Foundation,  organization a special trip to reach out to the Hindu community of Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex to appraise the role of Hindu Community in America in a powerful presentation.

Monica Sharma, president of Diya Magazine, a leading Entertainment and Fashion Magazine for the South Asian Community will present a unique fashion show fusing the transitioning Indian and American clothing thru multi-racial female and male models. A piece of Fashion America.

Dr. Mihir Meghani, President of Hindu American Foundation presenting Recognition Honors to Monica Sharma for arranging terrific Fashion Show & Zohra Chisti for starting the program with a Bhajan.

The Foundation for Pluralism will present the “7” Commandments of Pluralism followed by Shanti Shanti.

Shanti Shanti is the only Sanskrit rock band in America. The two sisters Andrea and Sara will raise the enthusiasm in all of us for their style and content. “They have been on Jay leno and PBS show and I predict they will be on top very soon. I have read rave reviews about the program.” Mike Ghouse says in an exciting tone.

"Shanti Shanti is the only Sanskrit rock band in America" (www.shantishanti.com): The music of Shanti Shanti layers Sanskrit chanting over a fusion of ancient and modern music -- a combination that provides a powerful tool of transformation and unforgettable

Entertainment!  Two young sisters, Andrea and Sara Forman, are gaining worldwide recognition for their Sanskrit chanting as well as for their unique approach to New Age and pop music. Sanskrit is the ancient language of India and is known for its tranquil and harmonious effects.  Come experience the magic of their new original songs, which are causing such a stir in the World Music community! 



Shanti Shanti is a performing group consisting of two young sisters, Andrea & Sara Forman. They are gaining worldwide recognition for their Sanskrit chanting as well as for their unique approach to New Age music. Sanskrit is the ancient language of India and is known for its tranquil and harmonious effects. The girls have performed Sanskrit nationwide, including appearances on PBS television programs, and on various radio broadcast shows.

Andrea & Sara have just released their fourth album, which steps into a whole new level of enchantment as they chant, in Sanskrit, the traditional Vedas from India, as well as perform ancient Bhajans. You will also enjoy the magic of their new, original songs, which are causing such a stir in the World Music community.


Reno Gazette
Shanti Shanti's CD is "Hippest expression of Sanskrit" "The sisters from Sparks front the band Shanti Shanti, which has carved a niche by blending ancient Sanskrit chants with original, Western music written by their father, Robert Forman" ..Linda Forman published Dreaming in Realtime "It's basically our whole family's spiritual odyssey... Andrea said. Linda was offered a publishing and distribution deal with North Atlantic Books. This fall, the book is supposed to have nationwide distribution including borders and Barnes and Noble."Reno Gazette Journal,  

Hinduism Today
US Religious Publication
Smitten by Sanskrit "The heart of the universe is in Sanskrit. My favorite Veda is the Rig. It's so cool. The Rig Veda chants are so intense. They follow a specific meter and melody. You can physically feel the effect. My second favorite is the Yajur Veda' more melodious and still very intense."  Hinduism Today,  

Nevada Woman

Sanskrit, Connecting With Your Inner Spirit

  "...They have since become chanting partners, known as Shanti Shanti. For years, University scholars and Indian pundits have witnessed the Forman girls' all-consuming passion to absorb, self-teach, translate and chant this language of the Gods- which has earned them the worldwide recognition for their tasteful, respectful precision and lyrical presentation of Sanskrit. Their dad, Robert, a professional musician, provides all instrumental and vocal backup as well as CD production."

Sacred Pathways
Music Review "Walkin" with the Devas, "Walkin" with the Devas, by Shanti Shanti features the music of two college-aged sisters, Andrea and Sara Forman, who are gaining worldwide recognition for their chanting of Sanskrit as well as their unique approach to pop music.
Sacred Pathways,  

Light of Consciousness

PROGRAM (2:45 Hrs)

  • Devotional Songs

  • Introduction of Dallas Hindu Community

  • Hindu American Foundation

  • Fashion Show by Monica Sharma

  • Foundation for Pluralism



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