Muslims Beware;
Kaaba and the Wikipedia Blunder
Mike Ghouse, Nov 21, 2008

I cannot believe Wikipedia is taken as a gospel by so many, every word in it is taken as the ultimate truth. You will discover it's danger in the following report. A statement is made "While destroying each idol, Muhammad recited [Qur'an 17:81] which says "Truth has arrived and falsehood has perished for falsehood is by its nature bound to perish."[28][29] . A few of my Hindu friends have assumed that Terrorism has it's origin in the above act, of course the very same statement is a fodder to the Neocons, who rejoice and pass it one to every one with a comment, "I told you so, Islam is an intolerant religion". It is a shame that so much of hate is based on falsity, when the statement has nothing to do with the event. It is concocted to malign another faith for their own gains.

About 1/10th of 1% of Muslims may actually believe in the above statement, but the 99.9/10ths of Muslims would instantly know it is wrong and may not do anything about it,  the silent majority of every faith is always busy taking care of their family and doing their own things peacefully. 

The majority 99.9/10ths of non-Muslims who refer Wikipedia, may scratch their head but may not question or do anything about this monster and move on with their daily lives.

It is the 1/10th of 1% of the non-Muslims who will rejoice in it and pass it on to every one with a comment "I told you so, Islam is a violent religion".

Muslims have mountains of work to do. I cannot believe Wikipedia is wrong, of course, it is an open game. I thank Manoj Padhi, the one who would scratch his head and want to know the truth. "I have been struggling between your view and Internet historical references from trusted sources [ wiki, Universities]. I wish you are right."


Finding the truth is your own responsibility, as it brings liberation from ill-will.


I have copied the paragraph highlighted by Mr. Padhi from Wikipedia as is, and have also copied the references 28 and 29 from Wikipedia. I have gone to the Qur’aan translation by Mohammad Asad and have not only copied the referenced verse 17:81 but also included verses from 17:71 through 17:85.


After this pivotal migration, or Hijra, the Muslim community became a political and military force. In 630, Muhammad and his followers returned to Mecca as conqueror, and he destroyed the 360 idols in and around Kaaba. [28][29]  While destroying each idol, Muhammad recited[28][29]  which says "Truth has arrived and falsehood has perished for falsehood is by its nature bound to perish."[28][29]  


28. "Conquest of Makkah". Compendium of Muslim Texts. University of Southern California. Retrieved on 2008-10-05.

29. [1915] The Book of History, a History of All Nations From the Earliest Times to the Present, Viscount Bryce (Introduction), The Grolier Society. 


Four items summarized below:


First of all, when those kings in Europe were threatened by invading Arab armies, the only way they could stop the onslaught was to paint this as a religious war. They used, rather fooled the European subjects to believe that it was a religious war, on the top of it they roped in the pope to declare that it is a holy war, and paid the guys to mis-translate Qur’aan and label those kings as Mohammedans and called it a cult. They succeeded in making idiots of out of their subjects and went on the crusades. The evil King Ferdinand burnt and boiled Jews and Muslims alive in cauldrons, duping the Christians that it was their religious duty.  The Qur’aan was mistranslated three times to brain wash the European subjects.  There is no need to believe that it was Christian v. Muslims – it was kings v. Kings war, that is all the Monarchs did in that era – run over and annex next land and loot the wealth from others.


The Kings on the Arabian lands had to fool their people too to get their support. Look at us Indians, we jump up and down even when we see something about religion, Gujarat and Babri on the net,  and we live in 21st century yet we let ourselves drench in hate. Those guys also mis-translated Qur’aan (http://quraan-today.blogspot.com/ ) and got the ordinary folks to jump up and down. The word Jihad was claimed as a holy war. Nonsense it is, Jihad is the inner struggle to purify oneself from ill-will, hate, anger, revenge and other negative feelings, “now begins the real and big Jihaad” the Prophet told the followers upon returning from a war.


Secondly, I have not checked the references given by the University of Southern California and Taliban, both of them have a bad reputation to present what is convenient to them without ever bothering to check. USC's mistake was pointed out in the following article in March 2008 - http://quraan-today.blogspot.com/2008/03/wilders-fitna-and-muslims_30.html


Thirdly – the word destroyed is used, I have talked with the producer of the movie Michel Wolfe prior to the release of his film “the message”. From his understanding the idols were “removed” and I believe the word removed should have been used rather than destroyed. It makes a big difference.


Fourthly, the Wikipedia gives you the impression that the Prophet recited those verses after “destroying the idols”. That is blatantly misleading the readers. The verse has nothing to do with it, the chapter is about Prophet’s journey. I have not only place the actual verse, but have added 12 verses before and 4 after the referenced verse to make sure nothing about Idols is in there, and there ain’t.


Who is doing this?


In this instance, the people who have a financial gain to be had by painting a bad picture of Muslims. They will stick it to any one if there is money in it. I do not have the time to correct all these and hope some one corrects the Wikipedia.


If these guys spend the same time in developing understanding between peoples, the world would be a better place.


I know this. No religion ever teaches bad things, religions are for bringing a balance to an individual and to the humanity in General. The first line in Qur’aan does not talk about God of Muslims, it talks about God of the Universe, and it also ends addressing the humanity in General.


I really cannot do this, it took me five hours to put this together and it is about 2:30AM and am yet to do the spell and grammar check and do my first revision. 


Manoj, I have done this for you as you struggle between the extreme right and moderation. Please remove the ill-will towards every human, you will be find peace. That is the same message of Qur’aan as Krishna’s message in Bhagvad Gita.


Go to Mohammad Asad’s translation of Qur’aan, it is one of the most accepted translations. If I live longer, Insha Allah, God willing, I will do the translation to reflect the intent of the Qur’aan – that is for humans to co-exist in peace and Justice and it is at the core of such existence.


Al-Isra (The Journey by Night)  


17:1 LIMITLESS in His glory is He who transported His servant by night from the Inviolable House of Worship [at Mecca] to the Remote House of Worship [,at Jerusalem] - the environs of which We had blessed  -so that We might show him some of Our symbols: for, verily, He alone is all-hearing, all-seeing.


Skip to – 17:71


Al-Isra (The Journey by Night)

17:71 [but] one Day We shall summon all human beings [and judge them] according to the conscious disposition which governed their deeds [in life]:  whereupon they whose record shall be placed in their right hand -it is they who will read their record [with happiness]. Yet none shall be wronged by as much as a hair's breadth:


17:72 for whoever is blind [of heart] in this [world] will be blind in the life to come [as well], and still farther astray from the path [of truth].


17:73 AND,. behold, they [who have gone astray] endeavor to tempt thee away from all [the truth] with which We have inspired thee, [O Prophet,] with a view to making thee invent something else in Our name - in which case they would surely have made thee their friend!


17:74 And 'had We not made thee firm [in faith], thou might have inclined to them a. little


17:75 in which case We would indeed have made thee taste double [chastisement] in life and double [chastisement] after death,  and thou wouldst have found none to succor thee against Us!


17:76 And [since they see that they cannot persuade thee,] they endeavor to estrange thee from the land [of thy birth]  with a view to driving thee away from ,it-but, then, after thou wilt have left, they themselves will not remain [in it] for more than a little while:


17:77 [such has been Our] way with all of Our apostles whom We sent before thy time;  and no change wilt thou find in Our ways.


17:78 BE CONSTANT in [thy] prayer from the time when the sun has passed its zenith till the darkness of night, and [be ever mindful of its] recitation at dawn:  for, behold, the recitation [of prayer] at dawn is indeed witnessed [by all that is holy].


17:79 And rise from thy sleep and pray during part of the night [as well], as a free offering from thee,  and thy Sustainer may well raise thee to a glorious station [in the life to come].


17:80 And say [in thy prayer]: "O my Sustainer! Cause me to enter [upon whatever I may do] in a manner .true and sincere, and cause me to leave [it] in a manner true and sincere, and grant me, out of Thy grace, sustaining strength!"


17:81 And say: "The truth has now come [to light], and falsehood has withered away: for, behold, all falsehood is bound to wither away!


17:82 THUS, step by step, We bestow from on high through this Qur'an all that gives health [to the spirit] and is a grace unto those who believe [in Us], the while it only adds to the ruin of evildoers:


17:83 for [it often happens that] when We bestow Our blessings upon man, he turns away and arrogantly keeps aloof [from any thought of Us]; and when evil fortune touches him, he abandons all hope.


17:84 Say: "Everyone acts in a manner peculiar to himself -and your Sustainer is fully aware as to who has chosen the best path."


17:85 AND THEY will ask thee about [the nature of] divine inspiration.  Say: "This inspiration [comes] at my Sustainer's behest; and [you cannot understand its nature, O men, since] you have been granted very little of [real] knowledge."


17:86 And if We so willed, We could indeed take away whatever We have revealed unto thee, and in that [state of need] thou wouldst find none to plead in thy behalf before Us.


May God bless us all and give us the strength to seek the truth, the truth that seeks peaceful co-existence of human beings and environment.


Mike Ghouse





THE STATEMENT: "While destroying each idol, Muhammad recited [Qur'an 17:81] which says "Truth has arrived and falsehood has perished for falsehood is by its nature bound to perish."[28][29]

PROBLEM: Verse 17:81 has nothing to do with destroying (rather removing) the idols. I have included 14 verses before and 4 after 17:81 to indicate the falsity. It was an altogether different story; Al-Isra, the journey by night.

STATEMENT WILL BE REVISED  ”Muhammad (pbuh) removed the idols from the Kaaba to reclaim the sanctuary built by Abraham for the mono-theistic tradition, and he further  declared a general amnesty to all the Meccans so peace can be restored in and around the sanctuary of Kaaba.


Manoj's response to this article:

Re: Dallas Indians :: Wikipedia Blunders about removing the idols from Kaaba
I really appreciate your dedication for pluralism or co-existence. Thank you so much for taking time to explain this reference further.
If this wiki reference is not correct, it should be corrected with authentic corroboration ASAP because this is being used by many as reference in power point slides.

When some one reads this and try to connect with the modern day terrorism - it appears that the source was violent and people are just following their spiritual leaders. Aurangzeb was one of the most fundamentalist king and we all have studied in history books.

My initial view on Islam was this . [The Real Islam vs Hinduism: As understood by a moderate Hindu ]

But, over period of time, when I attended seminars, read few articles and interacted with few individuals - all pointed about the 'Kaaba' source.
I have been struggling between your view and internet historical references from trusted sources [ wiki, Universities]. I wish you are right.
Thank you so much for your time and interest to educate people.


From: "Manoj Padhi"
Date: Sat Nov 22, 2008 12:25 am
Subject: Re: Dallas Indians :: Re: Reponses to Questions to fellow Indians. 


Please read through...


At the time of Muhammad

A 1315 image of Muhammad lifting the Black Stone into place, when the Kaaba was rebuilt in the early 600s.[27]

At the time of Muhammad (570-632 AD), his tribe the Quraish was in charge of the Kaaba, which was at that time a shrine to numerous Arabian tribal gods. Muhammad earned the enmity of his tribe by claiming their shrine for the religion of Islam that he preached. He wanted the Kaaba to be dedicated to the worship of God alone, and all the other statues evicted. The Quraish persecuted and harassed him continuously [citation needed], and he and his followers eventually migrated to Medina in 622.


After this pivotal migration, or Hijra, the Muslim community became a political and military force. In 630, Muhammad and his followers returned to Mecca as conqueror, and he destroyed the 360 idols in and around Kaaba. [28][29]  While destroying each idol, Muhammad recited[28][29]  which says "Truth has arrived and falsehood has perished for falsehood is by its nature bound to perish."[28][29]  


The Kaaba was re-dedicated as an Islamic house of worship, and henceforth, the annual pilgrimage was to be a Muslim rite, the Hajj.[30]


Islamic histories also mention a reconstruction of the Kaaba around 600. A story found in Ibn Ishaq's Sirat Rasool AllÄh (as reconstructed and translated by Guillaume) shows Muhammad settling a quarrel between Meccan clans as to which clan should set the Black Stone cornerstone in place. His solution was to have all the clan elders raise the cornerstone on a cloak, and then Muhammad set the stone into its final place with his own hands.[31][27][32] Ibn Ishaq says that the timber for the reconstruction of the Kaaba came from a Greek ship that had been wrecked on the Red Sea coast at Shu'ayba, and the work was undertaken by a Coptic carpenter called Baqum.[33]


It is also claimed by the Shia that the Kaaba is the birth place of Ali ibn TÄlib, the fourth caliph and cousin and son-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.[30]



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